• Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #15 (make sure you look at the new homework notes before you do this unit- see notes on Meaningful Sentences con't- Compound sentences) We went over this in class Monday 12/16. This lesson is continued from last school week.



    Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #15


    1.     bravery- valor; intrepidity; fearlessness 

    2.     methodically- systematically; exactly 

    3.     stupor- senseless; absurd manner; daze 

    MW 4.     paraphrase- to put something into your own words 

    5.     foreign- remote; exotic; strange 

    6.     contempt-  scorn; shame; reproach

    MW 7.     convey- pass on; communicate; get message across 

    8.     anomalous- atypical; irregular; abnormal 

    9.     unbelievable- hard to fathom; unacceptable 

    10. probable- feasible; presumable

    MW 11. organize- arrange; categorize; sort out 

    12. adjacent- beside; alongside; next to

    13. satisfactory- adequate; average performance

    14. excellent- superb; premium

    15. mandatory- must be done; necessary

    16. imitation- simulation; counterfeiting; copy

    MW 17. inferred- formed an opinion that is probably true based on information you have 

    18. complimentary- flattering; approving; laudatory

    19. productivity- the act or process of creating

    MW 20. specific- particular; distinct; precise