• Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #14 (make sure you look at the new homework notes before you do this unit- see notes on Meaningful Sentences con't- Compound sentences) We will go over this in class Monday 12/16.


    1. debacle- catastrophe; tragedy
    2. equate- compare; connect; link
    3. MW cite- quote; specify; refer 
    4. fanciful- imaginary; whimsical
    5. embellishments- added extras; trimmings
    6. benevolence- kindliness; altruism; compassion
    7. incongruity- absurdity; strangeness
    8. reticent- silent; uncommunicative; restrained; taciturn
    9. vigor- energy; vitality; force; verve
    10. comical- amusing; humorous
    11. fragment- portion; scrap
    12. forbearance- patience; self-control
    13. procuring- acquiring; obtaining
    14. miser- a person stingy with money
    15. foretell- predict; expect; forecast
    16. downy- soft; fluffy
    17. MW assess- measure; evaluate
    18. MW constitute- comprise; form; make-up
    19. MW respond- react; reply
    20. MW method- technique; process