• Essay Checklist Notes

    Essay Checklist


    ·       Does the writer hold the reader’s interest?  (Do you get bored?)

    ·       Is the essay consistently relevant to the topic? (Does it stay on track?)

    ·       Is the topic sentence clearly stated? (usually in the first paragraph- not always)

    ·       Does the writer use transition words and phrases? ex: first, next, finally, in conclusion

    ·       Is there a variety of sentence types? - interrogatives, exclamatory, compound/complex sentences?

    ·       Are there minimal errors in conventions of English?

    ·       Is there enough information to have a successful essay? (is it long enough? substance vs. fluff)

    ·       Are paragraphs present? Indenting? Correct format- MLA 


    •  Vary the rhythm by alternating short and long sentences.

    Several sentences of the same length can make for bland writing. To enliven paragraphs, write sentences of different lengths.

    This will also allow for effective emphasis.