• Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #13

    MW= Mortar or academic words.  This will be part of the unit and tests from now on. Learn them and label them accurately on the test:)


    1.      interruption- being cut off; intermission

    2.      incurred- acquired; gained

    3.      ensued- developed; resulted

    4.      abbreviation- part of a word or phrase standing for the whole

    5.      harass- trouble by repeated attacks; torment

    6.      accomplishment- undertaking; achievement; feat

    7.      opinion- belief; notion; conviction

    8.      accommodate- help; comfort; oblige

    9.      literal- verbatim; word for word

    10.  successfully- prosperously; fortunately

    11.  commitment- pledge; promise; oath

    12.  inspiration- motivation; incentive

    13.  regulate- govern; control; manage

    14.  abnormal- irregular; atypical; unusual

    15.  legitimacy-  authenticity; genuineness

    16.  whimsical- fanciful; imaginary

    17.  articulate-  well-spoken; eloquent

    18.  MW diagram- sketch; layout; chart

    19.  MW summarize- condense; synopsize

    20.  MW identify- recognize; classify