•  Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #12

    MW= Mortar or academic words.  This will be part of the unit and tests from now on. Learn them and label them accurately on the test:)


    1. implored- asked or begged earnestly

    2. morose- gloomy; ill-tempered

    3. destitute- living in complete poverty

    4. misanthrope- a person who hates or distrusts everyone

    5. void- total emptiness

    6. ponderous- very heavy and bulky

    7. jinx- curse; superstition

    8. collateral- security; guarantee

    9. disqualified- banned; ineligible

     10. congratulations- well-done; good for you; best wishes

    11. covetous- envious; jealous

    12. replenish- refill; stock up

    13. dismal- miserable; distressed; broken-hearted; forlorn

    14. resolute- firm; stubborn; unyielding

    15. homage- respect; honor; worship

    MW 16. analyze- examine; study

    MW 17. approach- move toward; come up to

    MW 18. significant- important; noteworthy

    19. finagled- schemed; maneuvered

    MW 20. interpret- translate; explain