• Technology Services Helpdesk…
    Helping Us Help You

    Having technical problems with your computer? Need help? No problem... The Technology Services staff is here to help. But, please don’t flag us down in the hall or email us. Instead, use our new Help Desk system so that we can ensure all available Technology Services staff will be aware of your reported issue.

    Once a Help Desk request (i.e. a ticket) is made and entered into the Help Desk system, we will make our best effort to promptly service your request to completion. Every ticket is important to us, and you have our commitment that we will provide prompt and thorough assistance to the best of our ability and resources.

    Utilizing the Help Desk system also provides a historical record of services performed on failing systems. We can bring up reports that indicate repeated problems which enable us to better serve all district employees. We will use data derived from the Help Desk to plan for training, procurement, and weak spots in our infrastructure.

    The Help Desk system is a tool that allows us to resolve your reported issues in a timely manner. Please use it when you experience computer problems.

    How to use the helpdesk…

    1. Go to https://tusdsupport.happyfox.com/saml/login/. (If you have a new computer, there is also a shortcut icon on your desktop).

    2. Login with your Travis USD account user name and password.

    3. Click on the "Submit a request" link (see below) and complete the form as thoroughly as possible. You will receive email updates as work progresses on your ticket.

    Create New Ticket by selecting New Ticket