• Follow the project sheet given to you in class.         Due 10/11/18
    At least 2 pages (about 2-3) and must be typed.
    time period is between 1890s to 1920s. You can have multiple days or a time lapse. You can skip to a future date.
    You may come from one of these three ports...1. Brooklyn, NY 2. Boston,MA 3. San Francisco, CA
    You may use minimal broken english- as long as it is very clear what you are trying to say.
    You may use Italian phrases but translate in parentheses 
    You may use a different Italian name
    You must have a historical component (research time and place)
    Make sure you cite your sources (books, magazines, websites) you can place it at the end of your letter or attach a notecard.
    Use easybib.com for proper MLA7 format. 
    You may burn the edges and use coffee stains to make it look older; however, this will not affect your grade.  No scrolls, booklets, or wax sealed projects please.
    12 font size, double spaced, New Times Roman or you may play with another font as long as it is legible and authentic to the time period
    Remember: It is about content