• Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #3


    1.  completely- entirely; absolutely

    2.  believe- accept as true or real; imagine

    3.  weirdest- most mysterious; most absurd

    4.  through- from end to end; done

    5.  decision- resolution; outcome

    6.  fierce- savagely cruel and wild; ferocious

    7.  maneuver- skillful plan; manipulate

    8.  gauge- measure; assess

    9.  preserve- keep safe; protect

    10. language- human speech, spoken or written

    11. examination- analysis; assessment

    12. exempt- make free; absolve

    13. exotic- fascinating; alluring

    14. exhausted- used up; worn out

    15. overwhelming- too many; too great

    16. extinguish- put out; quench; squelch

    17. meanwhile- meantime; an interval

    18. exhibit- let be seen; display

    19. distinguished- famous; well-known; acclaimed

    20. exertion- strenuous action