• Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit 2


    1.    enthralled- fascinated; charmed

    2.    protruded- stuck out; extended

    3.    console- comfort; make less sad

    4.    afflicted- received pain or suffering

    5.    vanity- too much pride in one's appearance

    6.    anguish- great suffering; agony

    7.    prodigy- child of unusually high talent

    8.    reproach- disgrace; blame

    9.    mesmerizing- hypnotizing

    10.              sauciness- liveliness; boldness; spirit

    11.              conspired- planned together secretly

    12.              debut- first performance in public

    13.              devastated- destroyed; completely upset

    14.              fiasco- complete failure

    15.              authentic- real; genuine

    16.              archive- library; a place to hold books or look up records.

    17.              resolution- outcome; decision

    18.              apparatus- device; contraption

    19.              absolve- make free; exempt

    20.              essential- indispensable; necessary