HW 4-8

    Find a synonym & antonym for each word, write other forms of each word, use each word in a sentence and study for test this Friday.

    1.  decent - adj.  suitable or proper

    2.  horrid - adj.  1) causing horror; horrible 2) very unpleasant; nasty

    3.  wailed - v.  a mournful cry

    4.  leer - n.  a sly or evil look

    5.  yelping - v.  a sharp shrill cry

    6.  audacious - adj.  bold, daring

    7.  legend - n.  a story handed down from earlier times, which may people believe to be historical, or stories that tell about a famous event or person

    8.  flair - n.  talent or ability; lnacky

    9.  claret - adj.  a deep red

    10.  moor - n.  an area of open wastelad, often marshy

    11.  jest v-  a funny or teasing remark; joke

    12.  strive - v.  to try hard; to make a strong effort

    13.  writhed - v.  to twist about

    14.  drenched - v.  to soak or wet thoroughly




    Home Reading Log #33 is due Tuesday, May 28th

    Students are to read 30 mins. per session, four sessions per week.     

    *We are continuing with novel Tangerine.  Each student has copy of novel and should read forward when absent if possible.