HW 1-8

    Due Wed., Oct., 9th

     Separate words into syllables, complete word search, use each word in a sentence, and studey for test.  Test is different this time.  I will dictate word, and you will write SPELL word and write its DEFINITION- the exact definition given--not your definition.

    1.  precept - n.  a rule or principle about conduct or behavior

    2.  monument - n.  something built or natural that honors a person or event

    3.  phobia -n.  a strong unreasonable fear of something

    4.  deeds - n.  a something that is done, performed or accomplished; an act

    5.  pursue - v.  to try to get or accomlish; seetk

    6.  aversion - n.  a strong desire to avoid something or someone because of dislike

    7.  literally - adv.  actually, word for word; not exaggerated

    8.  shurggest  - v.  to raise or hunch up the shoulders

    9.  mortality - n.  the state or condition or being subjec t to death

    10.  recital - n.  a musical performance, especially one given by a single performer




    We are reading the novel Wonder and developing CEEC paragraph model (claim, explanation, evidence, and conclusion) and persuasive essay.

    Home Reading Log #4 due Monday, October 21st

    Students are to read 30 mins. per session, four sessions per week.