• Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions
    The information below might provide you with what you need to know to become a volunteer.  If after reading this information you still have questions, please contact the school where you would like to volunteer.
    What experience do I need to volunteer?
    No experience is necessary.  If you have special skills or training, we will try to match those with our opportunities.
    Do I get to choose the school or grade level I want to work with?
    We will make every effort to match you with a school or grade level that matches your interests as well as student needs.
    What if I don't have a regular schedule?  How can I help?
    Please complete the registration form and let us know what your schedule is. Although some classroom work requires consistency, there are also opportunities for you to help out with special projects.
    Why do I need to be screened?
    The welfare and safety of our students is our primary concern. To ensure this, we follow recommended screening procedures for the specific types of volunteer services provided. We also find that the volunteers feel it is in their best interest to complete the screening process.
    I have been fingerprinted already (by the military, another district, police department, etc.).  Do I still need to be fingerprinted?
    Yes.  Unfortunately, fingerprint information is not able to be shared among various agencies, so we need to originate the request from our district.
    I am a parent of a student in this district.  Do I still need to go through this process?  
    Yes.  Student safety dictates that we follow the same procedures for parents as for community volunteers.
    If you have children at different schools, only one application will need to be completed. 
    How often do I need to be fingerprinted for Travis Unified School District?
    The clearance will follow you as your child moves up the grades to different schools or as long as you remain a volunteer.