• *Military Families/Veteran Services

    CYB--MFCL -Child and Youth Behavioral Military and Family Life Counselor
    •  Masters or Doctorate-level Licensed counselor.
    •  Available at no cost to assist youth and family members to provide short-term,    non-medical counseling support to military families.
    • Services are private and confidential with the exception of child abuse/neglect, domestic abuse and other duty-to-warn situations.
    • Issues addressed- school adjustment, deployment and separation, reunion adjustment, sibling and parent-child communication, behavioral concerns, fear, grief and loss.
    Contact number:  707-317-5304 
    Benefits for Veterans
    Deadline: on-going
    Eligibility: Child of a veteran who has a service-connected disability
    Amount: Tuition and fees at any California community, UC or CSU university
    Determining Residency for college from the University of California-

    In general, in order to qualify for California residence for purposes of University tuition and fees, she (and her California-resident parent(s)) must have established 366 days of physical presence, obtained her indicia of intent (California driver’s license, vehicle registration, voter’s registration, etc.) and relinquished all out-of-state indicia for at least 366 days prior to the term for which she is requesting residence classification. She also must be in a qualifying legal immigrant status if she is not a US citizen. Please carefully review the UC Residence Policy and Guidelines (http://www.ucop.edu/general-counsel/_files/ed-affairs/uc-residence-policy.pdf) for more details, specifically pages 27-33 for information related to members of the Armed Forces.

    Operation Purple Camphelps kids deal with the stress of their parents’ deployment.