• Military Families & Veteran Services


    Counseling Services

    As of April 2, 2020 our MFLC is available for Video Tele Counseling. Please contact our MFLC at the number below.
    • Individual video non-medical counsleing sessions for minors age 13 to 18 (parent or guardian must be available at the start of each video session to give parental consent and provide line of sight requirement)
    • Masters or Doctorate-level Licensed counselor.
    • Available at no cost to assist youth and family members to provide short-term, non-medical counseling support to military families.
    • Services are private and confidential with the exception of child abuse/neglect, domestic abuse and other duty-to-warn situations.
    • Issues addressed- school adjustment, deployment and separation, reunion adjustment, sibling and parent-child communication, behavioral concerns, fear, grief and loss.
    • Contact number:  707-317-5304 

    Academic Assistance


    Education Benefits Program

    Benefits for Veterans
    Deadline: on-going
    Eligibility: Child of a veteran who has a service-connected disability
    Amount: Tuition and fees at any California community, UC or CSU university
    Determining Residency for college from the University of California-

    In general, in order to qualify for California residence for purposes of University tuition and fees, she (and her California-resident parent(s)) must have established 366 days of physical presence, obtained her indicia of intent (California driver’s license, vehicle registration, voter’s registration, etc.) and relinquished all out-of-state indicia for at least 366 days prior to the term for which she is requesting residence classification. She also must be in a qualifying legal immigrant status if she is not a US citizen. Please carefully review the UC Residence Policy and Guidelines (http://www.ucop.edu/general-counsel/_files/ed-affairs/uc-residence-policy.pdf) for more details, specifically pages 27-33 for information related to members of the Armed Forces.

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