• Solano Community College


    Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors:  Please use the following link to begin to take classes for the upcoming Spring 2022 semester:  

    Please make sure you complete the following Special Admission Form (found on the main Counseling page as a PDF) and email it to your counselor. Do not use the form at the link above. Your counselor will email it to Solano College after they review the courses you are requesting to enroll in at Solano Community College.

    If you are having problems with the enrollment process please email  acastan8@solano.edu and she will set up a Zoom meeting with you.

    Confused on the registration process? Please read Solano's quick how-to guide here.  


    HOW TO CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION DATE/TIME 1. Log in to MySolano and click on the “Student” tab. 2. Under “Registration,” click “When Can I Register” and select the appropriate term. HOW TO LOOK UP CLASSES You can look up classes by following the steps below:


    Seniors:  Please use the following link to begin the enrollment process for Fall 2022:


    Quick Start To Enrollment For New Students. High School students taking class(es) at SCC? Please see our K12 Special Admissions page.. Please choose the path that best fits your goals.

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