• What is a Sketch Project?

    Sketch projects are usually given on Mondays and due on Fridays. 
    Sketch projects will be written on the board and stay on the board for the duration of the assignment.  The due date, description and examples will also be shown on the board.  
    Sketch projects are for students to complete in class when they have extra time.  If they get done with a project early, they can work on their sketch project.  If they do not have extra time in class during that week, they will need to complete the sketch project at home.  
    It is due on the due date - NO EXCEPTIONS since they are given 5 days to complete it. 

    All sketch projects are worth 20 points. 

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  • 5 Hands

    Draw your hand 5 times with great detail:

    Each hand should be in a different position (all school appropriate)

    2 of the hands must be holding an object  

    Take entire paper to draw these 5 hands. Only use 1 sheet of paper

    DO NOT trace your hand

    No color, just shading and detail.

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  • Attendance Awareness

    Each year I receive contests going on in Solano County.  This is a contest that I have made into a sketch project.  The sketch project is mandatory, it is optional to enter it in to the contest.  If you do not want to enter it, write 'Do not enter into contest' next to your name.

    Regular white paper

    Draw anything that has to do with Attendance 

    Ex. A classroom full of kids at their desks and one desk empty 

    Ex. A kid running to school and looking at his watch

    Ex. A kid walking into class as the bell is ringing


    Full color

    School appropriate

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  • Detailed Shoe

    Draw your shoe or someone else’s shoe in great detail:

    Must take up whole paper

    Show from SIDE VIEW

    Must use color. If shoe is white, make colorful

    No flip flops or flats. Shoes with detail will get better grade

    Do NOT trace your shoe

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  • Everyday Scene with 5 hidden pictures

    Draw an everyday scene with great detail:

    Example: Day at the park, soccer practice, the zoo

    Draw 5 hidden pictures that shouldn’t be there, within the everyday scene:

    Example: Tigers in the park, clown as the goalie, dog at the zoo

    Must be fully colored!

    Don’t need to list hidden pictures

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  • Same landscape/Different Season:

    Fold your paper in half: Long ways or short ways

    Draw a landscape scene on both folds

    Pick 2 different seasons and draw each landscape one of those seasons: Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring

    Example: Landscapes show house, tree and pond.

    Summer has green trees, flowers, the sun and swimming birds.

    Winter has snow on roof and tree and ice skaters on pond.

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  • Comic Template (8th grade only):

    Use Comic template

    Design your own comic strip

    Full color

    Characters must talk

    Use all 6 squares

    First square can be title, but doesn’t have to be

    School appropriate

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  • Crazy Family Portrait

    Draw your family portrait

    Do not draw it in posed format

    Show each person the way YOU SEE THEM

    Example: Is your brother a pest? Draw him crawling on the ground with antennas

    Example: Does your sister think she’s a princess? Draw her with a crown

    Example: Is your mom the head of the household? Draw her bigger than everyone or floating over everyone

    Don’t forget to include yourself. Can also include animals, friends, relatives who have passed


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  • Future Self Portrait

    Draw a self portrait of you in 20 years with great detail

    Can be full body or shoulders and up

    MUST use whole page

    Show traits that you would like to have or what you think you will have in 20 years

    These traits can be figurative (imaginary) or realistic

    Example: If you think you will be a fireman with 4 kids, draw yourself as a fireman with your family behind you

    Example: If you think you will be a pro football player, draw yourself in full uniform with lots of riches behind you

    The more creative you are and the more detail you show, the better grade you will receive

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  • Summer Time Fun

    Draw your ideal Summer OR what you plan on doing this Summer

    Make sure to include the people you will be or want to be hanging out with

    The more detail, the better grade

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