• Still Life
    Items are set up on each table. Ex. Iron, Telephone, Shapes, etc.
    Students have the period to draw what they see. 
    They will be expected to use the entire page and include overlapping, shadow, table line, etc.
     Still Life   Still Life 2
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  • Lines & Hands
    Students learn about lines: Geometric lines and Organic lines. 
    They also will learn different types of drawing: Blind Contour, Continuous Line and Contour Line.
    Continuous Line:                       Blind Contour:                           Contour Line:
    Continuous Line    Blind Contour    Contour Line

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  • Perspective Drawing
    This is longer project that teaches students about drawing pictures that are 3-D and not flat. They will learn about the Horizon line, vanishing points and get very familiar with rulers. 
    Perspective Drawing  
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  • Shapes & Forms
    Students will learn how to make 2-D shapes into 3-D forms. 
    They will then learn how to show a light source and determine how the shading takes place. 
     Shape into Form
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  • Comic Enlargement
    Students will learn about the Artist Chuck Close, who specializes in making a piece of artwork out of many small pieces of artwork. 
    They will take a regular sized comic, draw a graph over it and recreate the comic on a larger scaled graph. 
    Comic Enlargement  
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  • Cultural Heritage Quilt Square
    Students will start with an interview of a family member. They will then research more information on where their family comes from. They will design a rough draft of a quilt square. 
    Once completed, they design and create a final draft quilt square that displays 3 cultural images, 2 personal images and 1 pattern. This can be done with any medium they choose. 
    We then put these quilt squares together to make a class quilt. 
     Cultural Heritage Quilt
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  • Advanced Color Wheel
    Since most students learned about the color wheel as 7th graders, 8th graders will draw and paint an advanced color wheel, which goes over shades and tints of each color. 
    Advanced Color Wheel  
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  • Ceramic Box
    This is our longest and usually our last project of the semester. Students learn all the terms and techniques of Ceramics. 
    They design and draw a box with some sort of a theme. They then form a box and decorate it as they previously designed. Once the box is fired, they will glaze the box and it will be fired again.
    Before Firing:
    Top of Bisque  Side 1
    side 2 side 3
    After Glazing and Second Firing: 
    Top of Glazed  Side 1   
    side 2  side 3
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