• Mr. Michelon                                                                                                                                      Industrial Technology

                 Golden West Middle School


                            There are certain rules and requirements I have for all of my classes. You should know and understand them.

    Grading is based on the following:

    1.      PROJECTS will be graded on the ability to follow instructions, joints, accuracy, finish and overall craftsmanship.

    2.      CLASSROOM: Students are graded on their notebook, worksheets, notes, and tests. Students are required to keep an assignment log in their notebook, which their classroom grade can be derived from at anytime during the semester.

    3.      ATTITUDE: Attitude and behavior is based upon the student’s action in the classroom and in the lab. Also, clean-up and Safety will be observed.

    4.      ATTENDANCE: Each student is expected to work toward finishing their project everyday. Too many absences will put a hardship on the student’s grade. This is a hands-on type course. Students have the same amount of time they were absent to make up excused absences. No make-up work will be given after that time or for unexcused or illegal absences.

                SAFETY: Safety will cover the use, care, and handling of hand tools, machines and hand                                                           power tools. There will be demonstrations and safety tests given on each machine and each student                                must pass the tests before they will be allowed to use the equipment on their projects.

                GOAL:   The goal of this class is to introduce the students to a variety of experiences in the planning, designing,                            drawing and construction of projects. In a discipline atmosphere the students will receive the basic                                 knowledge of how to use hand, machine, and power tools safely.


                Remember: SAFETY PAYS YOU!!!




    The notebook should have three divider pages labeled in the following order:

    1.      Course: Course outline and Notes

    2.      Returned work: Assignment log, grading sheets, ALL returned quizzes, tests, and worksheets.

    3.      Plans: Plans and procedures for projects.



    All rules and regulations in the Golden West Handbook apply to each and every student. Any rule or regulation in addition to those in school policy shall be designated as classroom policy.

    1.      NO HORSEPLAY or Rough housing in the Classroom or LAB.

    2.      Report to the instructor before leaving the classroom for any reason.

    3.      Excused absences: you will be given the same amount of time you were absent to make up the work and it is TOTALLY up to you to see me about make-up work. Projects are due on the due date. There is more than enough time to finish each project on time.

    4.      Bring a pencil and paper everyday; you will need them.

    5.      Be in your assigned seats at the beginning and end of each class.

    6.      All tools must be in at the end of the period before anyone is dismissed.


    1.      No Name ---No Problem ---No Credit

    2.      Verbal warning

    3.      In-class detention and a call home

    4.      30 minute after school detention and possible conference

    5.      Referral to Assistant Principal, Mandatory parent conference.

    6.      Severe Safety Hazards- Indefinite removal from class.