• Still Life
    Items are set up on each table. Ex. Iron, Telephone, Shapes, etc.
    Students have the period to draw what they see. 
    They will be expected to use the entire page and include overlapping, shadow, table line, etc.
    Still Life     Still Life 2
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    Keith Haring 
    Students learn about and study the artwork of Keith Haring. 
    They will then create, as a group, their own poster. 
    This will be done with black poster paper and pastels. 
    They will then share the meaning and artwork with their class.
    Poster    Poster 2
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  • Tan Grams
    Students will learn about Tan Grams and practice working with shapes. 
    They will then create their own animal or item with Tan Gram shapes and design a background to go with it.
    Tan Gram  
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  • Textured Face
    Students get familiar with patterns and textures inside and outside of the classroom. 
    They use crayons to come up with 8 different textures and colors. 
    They will then make a face out of layers of the textures, using shapes.
     Textured Face
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  • Comic Strip
    Students research, design and create their own comic strip.
    Comic Strip  
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  • Color Wheel
    Learning about the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors is a very important part of Art. 
    We will go over all there is to know about the color wheel. 
    Students will then draw and paint their own color wheel.
     Color Wheel
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  • Geometric Watercolor
    We touch back on geometric shapes and student draw around 20 shapes, overlapping. 
    We then learn about the different types of watercolor styles. 
    Students will paint each section of the “stained glass” looking shapes a different color watercolor.
    Geometric Watercolor  
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  • Watercolor Animal
    This is a 4 step project. Students will start by drawing 3 animals in detail. They will choose one. They will then draw 6 patterns to go along with the animal they chose. They will then choose 3 of those 6 patterns and draw a rough draft with the animal being the main focus and the 3 patterns being in the background. The rough draft will be colored with colored pencil. Once completed, they will start on the final draft. This will be drawn, outlined and painted with watercolor.
    Watercolor Animal Rough Draft    Watercolor Animal Final Draft
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  • Papier-Mâché Fish
    This is the last and largest project we do in 7th grade. Students first design and draw a fish. They will then draw it on a bigger poster board, cut it out and form the fish with balls of newspaper. Once the fish is formed, they will then begin to add strips of newspaper dipped in papier-mâché until the fish is firm enough. The next layer is of white paper dipped in papier-mâché and the last layer is done with colored tissue paper. 
     Step 1: Balls and strips of newspaper
    Step One  
     Step 2: Strips of white paper
    Step Two
     Step 3: Colored tissue paper
     Step Three
    Final Outcome Examples:
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