Golden West Middle School

    Room B-16

    Mrs. Muzio


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    DescriptionThis is an activity class emphasizing use of individual art elements such as line, shape, form, texture, space and value. Principles of design, perspective and color are also studied, along with a variety of media.


    Course RequirementsStudents are expected to:

    1.                  Bring a regular pencil to class each day.  Mechanical pencils are not allowed. 

    2.                  Complete all classroom assignments, and make up any missed work.

    3.                         3.       Participate in all activities, including classroom discussions.

    4.                  Complete sketch assignments (done on regular paper) at home or during free time.


    Learning AssessmentProjects, quizzes, sketch projects, discussions and critiques provide the measurement of understanding.


    EvaluationArtwork will be evaluated and graded based on student’s application of the following:

    •  Following instructions
    • Creativity
    • Effort and use of time given



                               90-100%................A = Excellent                                 Arrange to come in during lunch

                               80-89%..................B = Fulfills Assignments                 if you need extra time or help

                               70-79%..................C = Needs Work                            to complete projects!

                               60-69%..................D = Incomplete

                               59% and below......F = See me


    Class Rules
    Artwork can be very fragile, and some equipment could become dangerous if used improperly

    I have gone over class rules and expected behaviors with students. These rules are posted in the classroom:


       RESPECT yourself and others, artwork and equipment

       NO HORSEPLAY (running, shoving, throwing, etc.)

       CLEAN UP every day – without argument




    1.      Warning and/or moving student next to my desk

    2.        Referral and call home

    3.       Suspension

    (8th graders ONLY)

    As 8th graders, you will be working on many advanced projects.  If you wish to take your projects home, a $5 donation is requested.  This allows me to purchase quality paint paper in bulk, and enables me to provide a greater selection of paints. 

    Please send your $5.00 Donation as soon as possible (cash or check).

    Make checks payable to: Travis Unified School District.

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