Regular school attendance is a necessary part of the learning process and the means to graduate with a quality education and a diploma. Frequent absence put a student’s education and future in jeopardy.

    When students are absent, their education suffers and our schools suffer. Each student generates average daily attendance (ADA) funding. Our district creates a budget based on the number of students expected in class each day. When a student is absent, the district/school receives no ADA. Personal reasons for missing school are generally unexcused. Only those reasons specified in EC 48205 (below) are excused.  Call the Attendance Office in advance to discuss any reasons not listed below in EC 48205. Administrative permission, in advance, is required for all absences not listed below, otherwise the absence will not be excused.

    Vanden High School uses an automated attendance notification system that contacts the home number on the day the student has missed one or more periods.