• Homework 

    Homework is an essential part of our instructional program.  It helps a student learn responsibility and reinforces and enriches the students’ learning through an extension of class activities.  The determination of specific homework assignments shall be made by the teacher.  Generally, the length of time for homework at each grade level will be as follows:

                                        Kindergarten:              40 minutes per week

                                        Grade 1:                      80 minutes per week

    Grade 2:                     100 minutes per weekreading

    Grade 3:                     120 minutes per week

    Grade 4:                     140 minutes per week

    Grade 5:                     160 minutes per week

    Grade 6:                     180 minutes per week


    Certain homework assignments may occasionally exceed the suggested time allotments.


    Requests for homework assignments (due to absences) may be made through the office staff.  If the request is received before 11:30 a.m., the teacher may be able to have the homework assignments ready after school on the day of the request.  If the request is received after 11:30 a.m., the teacher will have the homework assignments ready the next school day.  Parents may pick up their child’s homework assignments in the school office