Distance Learning (Unit 4 - April 20-May 8)

  • Unit Four Distance Learning Assignment

    1.  You need to download the PE at Home Activities Log and save it to your computer. If your are unable to download the spreedsheet you can create your own and it must include your name, your teacher's name, your period, the activity of choice, minutes involved in said activity, and total minutes for that day.  If you can not email it to us then take a picture and email it.  

    2.  You are required to exercise or partake in physical activity for thirty (30) minutes per day for at least three (3) days per week but are encouraged to do five (5).

    3.  You may choose from many different exercise activities to meet this requirement.  You may follow along to an exercise video, bike ride, walk your dog, go for a run or choose any one of the hundreds of options listed on the the Vanden Physical Education website.  You need to do a total of thirty minutes of activity which can include stretching/warm up.

    4.  Your first log begins Monday, April 20th, the first day after spring break, and ends Friday, May 8th.

    5.  You will need to email your completed "PE at Home Activities Log" to your teacher.  Please use the following format in the subject line when emailing: 

         Example: Prefontaine, Steve - 4
    6.  Graded assignment due Friday, May 8th.  Please do not send us a week's worth of work.  Wait until you complete all three weeks of work and email us the completed spread sheet.