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  • Distance Learning

    Posted by Allyson Azevedo on 3/27/2020

    Distance Learning

    Today, our teachers contacted (or attempted to contact) each student in their Guidance class. We wanted to remind students that all 3rd Quarter work is due today. Please encourage your students to get all work submitted in whatever way they can.

    Quarter grades will be posted after teachers have time to grade work this weekend and early next week. Please check Aeries next weekend to see the 3rd Quarter grades, and don't forget to check how many credits were earned for 3rd Quarter; this is just as important as the letter grade.

    Linked below, you will find new assignments. These are the Credit 1 assignments for 4th Quarter. These assignments represent work from March 30 - April 9.

    TEC students will need to login to Aeries on Monday to see their new schedules for 4th Quarter so they know which work to complete. Login on-line through Launchpad.  The new schedule cannot accessed through the Aeries app.

    If TEC students have any questions on Monday about their 4th Quarter schedule, they should contact Mrs. Preston via email at or through the Teams app.

    I am hopeful that students are continuing to make good academic progress through this "distance learning" method. The staff remains committed to providing on-going academic support for students during the duration of the school closure. Please don't hesitate to contact us through email or the Teams app.

    Teachers will continue to reach out each week. Also, additional assignments (for Credit 2) will be made available after Spring Break. Our Spring Break is April 10 - April 17.

    Stay healthy, T-Birds! We miss you!

    TEC Assignments - Credit 1 - 4th Quarter - March 30 - April 9

    Community Day School Assignments - Credit 1 - Quarter 4 - March 30- April 9

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  • School Closure Update - March 20th

    Posted by Allyson Azevedo on 3/20/2020

    School Closure Plans

    First, I want to thank all of our parents, students, and staff who made time today to communicate about school. The teachers contacted (or attempted to contact) all of the students in their 4th period Guidance Class. It is our intention to continue with this communication every week so that parents and students can get the support needed for students to complete their assignments. We remain committed, regardless of the length of the school closure, to keep an open line of communication so students can meet their academic goals.

    To help each student, we are asking students to download the FREE Microsoft Teams App on their phone. This will allow students to call teachers for help or have a video-conference with a teacher. The instructions for how to download and use this app using the students' login credentials are linked below. All teachers are available to take calls through this app from 10am to 2pm, Monday through Friday. Students can also message the teacher at any time through the app. Please seriously consider downloading the app. It's Free!

    Here are some important things everyone needs to know: 

    1. Our 3rd Quarter ends March 27th. This means that all assignments need to be sent to teachers by March 27th so grades/credits can be posted to student transcripts. Please designate time at home to complete all assignments.

    2. Assignments can be submitted by email or potentially dropped off if arrangements are made with the teacher directly. Students can send work to teachers by whatever means they have available, including taking pictures of the work and sending those pictures via e-mail or through the "Microsoft Teams" app. Teachers are prepared to accept work in almost any form. Contact the teacher directly if you have questions about a specific assignment.

    3. Please continue to monitor grades in Aeries. Teachers will be grading assignments as they are sent and you will be able to see the grades posted in Aeries. Let's focus on making sure all assignments are completed and submitted so grades can be posted and credits can be earned!

    3. Quarter 4 starts on March 30th. Assignments will be given for Credit 1, which will represent the work from March 30th - April 10th. Students will need to login to Aeries on March 30th to see their new class schedule for 4th quarter. If students are having trouble logging in, they can contact Mrs. Preston via email or through the Microsoft Teams app.

    4. Credit 1 assignments will be emailed to you by March 30th.

    5. Should the school closure extend beyond Spring Break, we will continue to assign and collect work in this same fashion. Gradebooks will be updated regularly by teachers to give credit for all work that is submitted.

    Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail the staff or contact us through the app. Please follow the instructions linked below to download the app.

    Stay safe and healthy, T-Birds! We miss you!

    Microsoft Teams App - Download Instructions

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  • School Closure Information

    Posted by Allyson Rude Azevedo on 3/16/2020

    Schools Closed

    We want to make certain that our students continue to make academic progress during the school closure. On Friday, teachers sent students home with their assignments for the next two weeks. These assignments are available below so that parents/guardians can support their student in getting work done. Our 3rd quarter ends on March 27th and students will be expected to have completed all their assigned work at home to earn the remaining 3rd quarter credits. Please support your student in getting all of their assignments complete.

    Should you have any questions, or if your child needs help, please email the teacher directly. Our teachers will be working from home and responding to e-mails daily. In fact, ALL of the teachers were on campus today and are committed to providing continued support for at-home learning during the entire school closure.

    On Friday, a teacher will be calling you to follow-up on your student's progress and offer any support that may be needed. Please expect this phone call.

    Finally, students can access free breakfast and lunch at specific locations in Vacaville and Fairfield.  Travis Unified students will be served at either location.

    Fairfield Locations
    Vacaville Locations

    Printable PDF of locations

    Please do not hesitate to contact our staff if your child needs any academic support.  Emails and assignments are included in the links below:

    TEC Assignments - March 16-27

    CDS Assignments - March 16-27

    Stay safe and healthy, T-Birds!


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  • Graduation Information

    Posted by Allyson Azevedo on 2/4/2020

    Class of 2020

    Graduation will be at The Mission at 6391 Leisure Town Rd in Vacaville

    Graduation is on Friday, June 5th at 3pm

    Mandatory graduation practice is on Wednesday, June 3rd at 3pm
    (students only)


    Graduation Timeline and Information

     Cap & Gown Information

    Cap & Gown Order Form

    No tickets are required. 
    All friends and family are welcome!




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  • Scholarships!

    Posted by Allyson Azevedo on 2/3/2020

    Apply for Scholarships

    Assist-A-Grad scholarships are now open. Please click on link for more information to apply.

    The deadline to turn in applications is Thursday, March 5th.

    See Mrs. Preston for help with filling it out. 

    Assist - A- Grad Scholarship Application

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